Hill Country Parent Education
For Patients of Hill Country OB/GYN
Childbirth Preparation - Infant Care - Breastfeeding
Classes Offered
Childbirth Preparation Class -
 Educating yourself on the different elements of childbirth will ease your anxiety during the labor process, help you make informed care decisions and improve your ability to enjoy the amazing experience of having a child.  This is a one day class and is held on a Saturdays or Sundays from 10am to 4pm.  $95 per couple

Childbirth Class Content:
Role of Your Support Person                                                        Labor and Birth Interventions (includes C section deliveries)
Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy                                      After Birth Care for Mom and Baby
Anatomy and Physiology of Labor and Delivery                        How to Choose a Pediatrician
                                                                          When to Call Your Physician                                                          Preparation for Baby
                                                                          Choices Related to Pain Management                                         Your Hospital Stay
                                                                          Relaxation and Breathing Techniques
Infant Care Class -
 A new baby is a true joy, yet those first few months can be somewhat challenging. What is life like with a newborn? How can you prepare yourself for feeding your child, infant sleep patterns and baby care? Who do you call when you need help? Take the infant care class to get ready for the amazing journey of parenthood.  

  $45 per couple

Infant Care Content:
Newborn Appearance and Characteristics                                         Infant Behavior and Development
Basics of Caring for a Newborn                                                             Safety Issues - First Aid for your Newborn
Scheduling/Sleep Issues/Feeding                                                         Crying and Comforting
                                                                        What to Expect from Your Pediatrician Visits
Breastfeeding Class -
Breastfeeding is best for your baby and it’s good for your health. It’s not always easy, but with the helpful information we provide, the process can be much smoother for mom and baby.   This is Boot Camp 101 for breastfeeding success.   Both partners are encouraged to attend.  $45 per couple

Breastfeeding Class Content:
Benefits to Mom and Baby                                                                        How Milk is Made
First Feedings in the Hospital and At Home                                            Infant Feeding Cues
Mother and Baby Positioning                                                                    Tips for Success
                                                                           How to Tell if Infant is Getting Enough                                                     Prevention of Common Problems

Refresher Class
A refresher class is available for those couples who have previously had a child and wish to review the labor and delivery process.  Call for dates and availability.  $45 per couple

Refresher Class Content:
Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy                                                             Role of Your Support Person
Anatomy and Physiology of Labor and Delivery                                              Relaxation and  Breathing Techniques        
When to Call Your Doctor                                                                                     Labor and Birth Interventions
Choices Related to Pain Management